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Hello there!  I'm Tina (Miss G) from Perth, Western Australia and I'm glad you found my site.  Feel free to take a look around.  Please note that although this site is focused on kindergarten, I have spent the last 4 years in grade1-3, and there is LOTS of information for lower elementary (primary) students as well.
ALL ABOUT ME - Here's the place to find out all the info about "moi"
LESSON IDEAS - Ideas for lots of themes relevant to early childhood (not just kindergarten). I have lots of photos for you to see!
PROGRAM PLANNING - Information on how I program
PORTFOLIOS - I love portfolios and have finally worked out how to do them.  See what I do here!
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CLASSROOM ORGANISATION - Find out how I set it up!
DAILY ROUTINE - How I organise the day's routine and transitions
USEFUL CHECKLISTS AND FORMS - A range of developmental skills checklists and forms that I have made.
Miss G's Aussie Kindergarten
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Miss G`s Aussie Kindergarten
SITES FOR CHILDREN - A range of safe and interesting sites for children to access at home or school
SITES FOR TEACHERS- Links to my favourite (and most useful) sites to assist teachers in the classroom