I use a number of different methods throughout the year to encourage the children to learn to recognise and write their own names.  Here are a few I use...
Classroom Name Labels
Name Labels
When the children first start kindergarten, I encourage them to learn to recognise their name by providing these name stickers.  Each child has a box filled with stickers on which their name is written as seen in the photo on the right. 

The children are encouraged to use their stickers to label work that they complete such as paintings, gluings and drawings.  I encourage each child to find their own name and to take responsibility for labelling their work.  This provides a fun and useful reason for children to learn to recognise their name.
Fish for Names
I cut out a fish for each child and write their name on it.  Then I attach a paper clip to each fish and provide fishing rods made by attaching large horse-shoe shaped magnets to strong twine.  We spread the fish out on the floor and each child has a turn fishing for their name. 
Textured Names
We do this activity to help children learn about the individual letter shapes in their name.  I write each child's name on piece of card in pencil.  The children trace over each letter with strong glue such as PVA and then texture each letter using materials such as glitter, powder paint, coloured sprinkles, coloured rice or similar.  The children enjoy seeing their name displayed on the wall once they are all completed, and they make great name-plates for bedroom doors when they are taken home.

NB. It is easiest to do one letter at a time :-)
Textured Names
Name Printing
We are lucky to have a set of alphabet shaped foam sponges.  We write each child's name at the top of a piece of card and then encourage the child to use the sponges to print their name; copying their name that has been written on the card if need be.
Name Printing
Name Tracing Sheets
On my computer I have installed  the writing style used by schools in Western Australia.  I write each child's name onto a piece of A4 paper 4 or 5 times using the appropriate font, print the sheet out and then laminate it.  I give each child their name sheet and whiteboard markers and encourage them to try tracing over their name if they express an interest in learning how to write it. 
Including Name Samples in Portfolios
A few times per year, I have the children attempt to write their name.  I include this attempt in the child's portfolio so that parents and children can see the progress the child has made as the year passes in learning to write their name.
Name Writing Samples
Name Tracing
Name Fishing
Portfolio Activity
Sign InView Entries
Portfolio Activity
Portfolio Activity
Name Recognition Lesson Ideas
Portfolio Activity
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